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Welcome to MindYourCrypto an exceptional blog that is worth learning from.

MindYourCrypto is a community of/for Bitcoin lovers and Cryptocurrency believers. It is a perfect place for anyone who is passionate about learning, discovering and adopting cryptocurrencies in one way or other i.e trade, invest, payments for goods/services and more.

Cryptocurrency industry is almost a decade old. It all started, when Bitcoin Came into existence. As the cryptocurrency space is expanding, more and more people are getting attracted toward these digital assets. But due to technical complexities, lack of proper knowledge and transparency, most of beginners still hold themselves back instead of joining this technology revolution.

MindYourCrypto aims to bridge this learning gap by answering most of the questions that comes to the mind of a beginner or a novice cryptocurrency adopter (including those of mine, when I first started with Bitcoin in 2016) by providing Bitcoin and/or Cryptocurrency tutorials, reviews, guides that are straightforward, unbiased and more practical.

We aim to empower every cryptocurrency adopter to make sound decisions all the time, whether it's buying of first Bitcoin, digital exchange platform selection, secure storage of crypto assets and so on.

Here is what you will find at MindYourCrypto :

  • Bitcoin learning tutorials (buy, sell, storage and more)
  • Practically tested methods and guides that will help you in selecting right Bitcoin and/or cryptocurrency exchange and using it easily as a trader or investor.
  • Complete "How-to Guides" explaining Bitcoin and/or cryptocurrencies safe and secure storage options and wallet guides.


This is Mukesh Hooda, founder of the blog, MindYourCrypto. I'm a Bitcoin believer and cryptocurrency lover just like you. I believe that very similar to Internet, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

This technology is still in initial stages of adoption and a lot of positive developments will take place in the years to come. The way we access, store and transfer money today is likely to transform in a decade or so. Thus I found it crucial to share my learning and experiences, by explaining things in simplistic manner among beginners in cryptocurrency space.

Having a background in Economics and a strong inclination towards stock markets, I had started with the traditional stock markets in 2014. In the mean time, I got introduced to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and bought my first Bitcoin in late 2016. Over a period of time, I have noticed that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space is totally different from that of traditional stock markets in terms of functionality, complexity and the regulatory compliance. Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology behind it, is great for sure but it's complex too especially for beginners.

Since the day I bought my first Bitcoin and started my journey in cryptocurrency space, I have learnt a lot from my experiences (good/bad). Even Bitcoin gives us the privacy and total control over our funds, but it all comes with more responsibility and some inherited risks and the biggest of all is security of digital assets.

These are some of the thoughts and experiences that my team and I will share with you at MindYourCrypto via unbiased "How-to" guides, reviews, tutorials and other crucial updates. Thus I, welcome you to join the community to make your journey more productive !

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